Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fucking Welcome

Welcome to Manly Photoshop. Here in this blog, you won't see pretty flowers or rainbows. Well you might, but they will undoubtedly be getting destroyed by either a big knife, or a machine gun. This is a site for the upmost of manly images ever to be pasted on the pages of the internet. By using the tools provided by Adobe Photoshop, the epitome of manliness can be combined into one kick ass image that is guarenteed to offend your girlfriend. Check out our flagship image of a bad ass football player shotgunning a beer while explosively kicking off the head of a stupid guido. All of this while on a rocket propelled budweiser truck equipped with missiles. Oh and to top it all off, theres an American nuclear explosion in the background. What can fuckin top that? You'll have to wait til next week to see. (feel free to post any ideas you may have, so I can make fun of their weakness)